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Friday August 22, 2014
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Eagles WON for us and all of our great clients. Honestly a play that was never in doubt! We look forward to burying Vegas again Friday night.

Fri Aug 22nd

All Friday 30 Day $100 Football Signups must SWEEP 3-0 the 3 Team NFL Parlay and get a 17.5-1 odds payout or get 12 MONTHS FREE OF CHARGE! Parlay is ready now.

Jaguars vs. Lions(side)

Jaguars vs. Lions(total)

Giants vs. Jets

Raiders vs. Packers(side)

Raiders vs. Packers(total)

Bears vs. Seahawks(side)

Bears vs. Seahawks(total)


Fri Aug 22nd

All Friday 30 Day $100 MLB Signups must SWEEP 3-0 and get a 17.5-1odds payout or get a whopping 17.5-1odds payout!

Cardinals vs. Phillies

Braves vs. Reds

Pirates vs. Brewers

Marlins vs. Rockies

White Sox vs. Yankees

Rays vs. Blue Jays

Royals vs. Rangers

Tigers vs. Twins


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Thurs Aug 7th

Thurs 3 Team Football Parlay went 0-3 with

1st Leg: Over 36.5 Colts...oops

2nd Leg: Over 37 Ravens...oops

3rd Leg: Chiefs-2.5...oops

Colts vs. Jets...Colts+3.5 WON!

Colts vs. Jets...Over 36.5 oops

Patriots vs. Redskins...Under 38 WON!

49ers vs. Ravens...Ravens-1.5 WON!

Bengals vs. Chiefs...Over 36 WON!

Seahwwks vs. Broncos...Under 37 push

Cowboys vs. Chargers...Under 37 WON!

Fri Aug 8th

Fri 3 Team NFL Parlay SWEPT 3-0

and paid out 17.5-1 odds with

1st Leg: Saints+2...WON!

2nd Leg: Jaguars-3...WON!

3rd Leg: Under 35 Bucs...WON!

Dolphins vs. Falcons...Over 37 oops

Bills vs. Panthers...Over 37.5 WON!

Bucs vs. Jaguars...Jags-3 WON!

Saints vs. Rams...Over 39 WON!

BLUE RIBBON: Bills+1.5...WON!

5 UNIT PLAY: Over 38 Vikings...oops

Pvt Play:...WON!

Friday NFL Wiseguy Game of the Week Report went a stellar 4-1 with:

Wiseguy Game of the Week


NFL Wiseguy 10,000 Star Play


NFL Wiseguy Bonus Plays:
B#1: Saints+2...WON!

B#2: Raiders+3...oops

B#3: Jaguars-2.5...WON!

Sat Aug 9th

Sat 3 Team NFL RR Parlay went 2-1

and made money with

1st Leg: Titans-2...WON!

2nd Leg: NY Giants-3...WON!

3rd Leg: Over 39.5 Browns...oops

Browns vs. Lions...Over 39.5 oops

Packers vs. Titans...Titans-3 WON!

Packers vs. Titans...Under 37 WON!

Texans vs. Cardinals...Texans+2 oops

Thurs Aug 14th

Fri Parlay split 1-1 with

1st Leg: Jaguars+3...WON!

2nd Leg: Over 42 Jaguars...oops

Jaguars vs. Bears...Jaguars+3 WON!

Fri Aug 15th

Fri 3 Team NFL Parlay SWEPT 3-0 and

paid out a whopping 17.5-1 odds with

1st Leg: Saints-3...WON!

2nd Leg: Over 43 Saints...WON!

3rd Leg: Over 46.5 Patriots...WON!

Eagles vs. Patriots...Eags+3 oops

Eagles vs. Patriots...Over 46.5 WON!

Titans vs. Siants...Over 43 WON!

Lions vs. Raiders...Oak-3 oops

Chargers vs. Seahawks...Sea-6 WON!

Chargers vs. Seahawks...Over 38 WON!


Sat Aug 16th

Sat 3 Team NFL Parlay SWEPT 3-0 again and

paid out another whopping 17.5-1 odds with

1st Leg: Packers+3...WON!

2nd Leg: Ravens-1...WON!

3rd Leg: Dolphins+3...WON!

Packers vs. Rams...Over 42 oops

Ravens vs. Cowboys...Ravens-1 WON!

Jets vs. Bengals...Bengals-3 oops

Bills vs. Steelers...Steelers-2.5 WON!

Dolphins vs. Bucs...Dolphins+3 WON!

Falcons vs. Texans...Texans-3 WON!

Cardinals vs. Vikings...Over 38 WON!

BLUE RIBBON: Packers+3...WON!

100K PLAY:...WON!

VIP PLAY: Indians-130...WON!

O PLAY: Cardinals+5...WON!

Triple Crown: Dodgers-1.5...oops

5 UNIT PLAY: Ravens+1...WON!

Pvt Play: Under 38 Dolphins...WON!

Presidential: Mariners-110...oops


1st BR: Steelers-2.5...WON!

2nd BR: Ravens-1...WON!

3rd BR: Texans-3...WON!


Sun Aug 17th

Sun 3 Team NFL Parlay

SWEPT 3-0 again with

1st Leg: Broncos+5...WON!

2nd Leg: Panthers-3...WON!

3rd Leg: Over 40 Panthers...WON!

Broncos vs. 49ers...Broncos+5 WON!

Broncos vs. 49ers...Over 41 oops

Chiefs vs. Panthers...Panthers-3 WON!

Chiefs vs. Panthers...Over 40 WON


Mon Aug 18th

Browns vs. Redskins...Under 42 oops

Thurs Aug 21st

Thurs 2 Team NFL Parlay

SWEPT 2-0 and WON with

1st Leg: Eagles-3...WON!

2nd Leg: Over 50...WON!

Steelers vs. Eagles...Eagles-3...WON!

Fri Aug 22nd

Jaguars vs. Lions(side)

Jaguars vs. Lions(total)

Giants vs. Jets

Raiders vs. Packers(side)

Raiders vs. Packers(total)

Bears vs. Seahawks(side)

Bears vs. Seahawks(total)

Sat Aug 23rd

Titans vs. Falcons

Saints vs. Colts(side)

Saints vs. Colts(total)

Vikings vs. Chiefs

Rams vs. Browns(side)

Rams vs. Browns(total)

Texans vs. Broncos

Sun Aug 24th

Chargers vs. 49ers(side)

Chargers vs. 49ers(total)

Bengals vs. Cardinals(side)

Bengals vs. Cardinals(total)

Thurs Aug 28th

Colts vs. Bengals

Panthers vs. Steelers

Ravens vs. Saints

Seahawks vs. Raiders

Texas A&M vs. S. Carolina

Wake Forest vs. UL-Monroe

Mississippi St vs. Boise St

Temple vs. Vanderbilt

Fri Aug 29th

Byu vs. Connecticut

Bowling Green vs. W. Kentucky

Colorado St vs. Colorado (side)

Colorado St vs. Colorado (total)

Texas SA vs. Houston

Unlv vs. Arizona (side)

Unlv vs. Arizona (total)

Sat Aug 30th

Ohio St vs. Navy

Ucla vs. Virginia

California vs. Northwestern

Florida Atlantic vs. Nebraska

Rice vs. Notre Dame

Clemson vs. Georgia

Fresno St vs. Usc

Washington vs. Hawaii

Sun Aug 31st

Utah State vs. Tennessee(side)

Utah St vs. Tennessee(total)

Smu vs. Baylor(side)

Smu vs. Baylor(total)

Mon Sep 1st

Miami Florida vs. Louisville(side)

Miami Florida vs. Louisville(total)

Thurs Sep 4th

Packers vs. Seahawks(side)

Packers vs. Seahawks(total)

Arizona vs. Texas SA(side)

Arizona vs. Texas SA (total)

Fri Sep 5th

Pittsburgh vs. Boston College(side)
Pittsburgh vs. Boston College(total)

Wash St vs. Nevada(side)

Wash St vs. Nevada(total)

Sat Sep 6th

Kansas St vs. Iowa State

C. Michigan vs. Purdue

Buffalo vs. Army

Akron vs. Penn St

Usc vs. Stanford

Michigan St vs. Oregon

Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Texas Tech vs. Utep

Sun Sep 7th

Saints vs. Falcons

Vikings vs. Rams

Jaguars vs. Eagles

Redskins vs. Texans

Patriots vs. Dolphins

Panthers vs. Bucs

49ers vs. Cowboys

Colts vs. Broncos

Mon Sep 8th

Giants vs. Lions(side)

Giants vs. Lions(total)

Chargers vs. Cardinals(side)

Chargers vs. Cardinals(total)


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